The New Golden Collection

The New Golden collection evolved from the piece, 'Five Gold Rings', produced for the Christmas 2014 show at The Kitchen Window Gallery in London.

For the first time I worked back into my collages using them as a ground for further experimentation. They became sketches waiting for paint

Employing the medium of watercolour my own palette emerged to finally be garnished with a flourish of golden paint both as a surface device and riffing upon it's iconic religious origins. Gold became a material and a concept... until the last piece was deliberately created devoid of golden hues. 'End of The Pier.....Silence is Golden', is a dark visual riff upon common parlance... a pun for the series finale!

Silence is golden

Silence is Golden (End of the Pier)

Secret garden golden moments

Secret Garden - Golden Moments

5 gold rings

5 Gold Rings

The man with the golden gun

The Man with the Golden Gun

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